We are currently working on the following domains: and the paper for qip and qip8.

We are working on concepts and domains:
  1. Alien
  2. xd4
  3. Thinkularity
  4. (ger)
  5. (ger)
  6. Preparations of:
    1. Software framework
    2. 12 scientific paper (containing 2 bsc. theses, three msc. theses and one phd thesis)
We are working on emails and tweets to the following entities:
  1. Nico Semsrott
  2. Theodor Nelson
  3. Digital Wombats
  4. you?
Software Framework

Multi-language Platform (based on hyperlanguage quoeto)

Peripheral description:

Functionality: Xanadu, Jet brains MPS, WebVowl,

Property: Open Access, Semantic Web,

Termini: Cluster Code, hyperconvergence, hypercognition