Mission Statement

    • Reboot the scientific method
    • Include a clear connection to global education and operational cause of peace to any activity in order to be attributed as ‘scientific’
  • establish world saving science
    • The transdisciplinary live activity of culture and historic ensemble of data and attempts to make earth a safe place to live for life
  • gamify world saving
    • Accelerate complex alignment and communication between systems (political and disciplinary) through engagement and leveraging creativity
  • re-formalize
    • Synergize formal approaches and creative freedom to continue and advance the science and/or system which is booted
    • Advance capabilities for multi-boot and architectures which boot systems


  • xd4 – a strategy
  • qip – a paper
  • qip8 – a quest
  • Irregular broken logic
  • Cli and Q, 4 languages
  • [Interactive / human-computable content]



Compute ] α-hypertheorie

The xd4 particles

The definition of the compounds and aspects of xd4 are in correspondance with a logic that states ‘reality is not binary’. In the context of LMR, this statement is expressed as a trivalent logic; reality consists of matter and non-matter, and at least out of living matter and non-living matter. We form the categories Life, Meta and Resource, representing the most fundamental and minimal set of categories consciousness needs to refer to its environment.³

x = Every life
d = Domain
xdd = Every Dream
xd4 = Collective Dream
xd4.* = Collective Domain (of a shared dream)

³This can correspond to ‘present, future, past’ and/or ‘verb, subject, object’ and can generate a 3d-language like CliYuGa, but does not have to.

The xd4 vocabulary

We redefine several terms completely, hence please don’t enforce your concept of these terms before you understood our version and reason to use it. We intend to change the understanding of some of these concepts if and only if culture in correspondance with you sanctifies this morphologic change and agrees with their implied change in cutural conceptualization about a terminus.

Dream [a goal or wish state about an reality. A dream is innocent, free and cannot be evaluated. It can be quantified by ones language and approached through actions or causal progression. As default dream, we assume and postulate peace.]

Alien [any form of life and system of computation, logic or language which is either sufficiently artificial to be of another species or actually physically extra-terrestrial or exa-dimensional.]

World saving [a quantifiable activity undertaken by/since human species since 2020. Based on a scientific (complexity-theory-based) understanding of the world, its status in a referential property between safe and unsafe and activity of an individual, communities or organizations of individuals or the respective general human culure/civilization. The lack of cultural self-image prevents the world from being a safe place before 8-2020]

Peace {re-compiled as multi-domain peace} [We only intend to update the common concept of peace which is no longer ‘just’ peace but a state of equilibrium and peace on a range of complex systems. As such, peace is not a singular state but the progression of causality towards a concept of new forms of peace, as we cannot state earth to be safe and hence have to state of global peace on earth.]

The compound theory and philosophy of •culture •civilization •intelligence¹ •individual and •impact

• ¹Intelligence [an intelligent terminus and definition of intelligence implies information and its arrangement as conceptual inference.]

About intelligence

Intelligence can change and the believe and conviction of a static IQ empirically decreases IQ. It is well known that the IQ terminus lacked the aspects of social intelligence, empathy, creativity and individuality. IQ scores are meaningless for biologic life, they were mono-modal and harmful, useful only if above average and harmful if not.

We want to foster a concept of intelligence which can never be less. One can be more intelligent as ones’ earlier self had less experience, but one can never ‘more’ intelligent as someone else as they have an entirely different background (and brain). There is always a different intelligence for every consciousness and the aspiration and appreciation of intelligence might well differ substantially. But not because gain of awareness and ability to anticipate would not matter for everyone. The fear of the term itself avoids a healthy understanding and concept of intelligence – which is an innate and individual property of life, nothing which can be compared without loosing intelligence. An intelligent interpretation of intelligence always refers the context and circumstances which translate and stem from the species’ collective intelligence.

Hence, we identify creative expression and community communication as intelligent. Any action that fosters peace and freedom is intelligent. And we understand life as source of intelligence. Anything which is explicitly against life is unintelligent, such as the contemporary AI paradigms. Causal existentials that implicitly damage life are uninformed and unhealthy. They can grow through creativity, community, communication and freedom towards intelligence. All life-preserving actions are intelligent, and life has hence a drive to balance, distribute and conceptualize intelligence (to procreate not only biologically but informational). The terminus and ability to act intelligent changes with the scale of an operator’s information and consciousness-access. For bacteria or viral forms of life, procreation is their most intelligent action, due to their limited information about causality and impact. For human life, procreation is only one aspect of a complex cultural manifestation of subjective experience. The collective result we produce, which can be observed, is depicted as ‘culture’ and it undergoes causal change of concepts and value systems.

We can contextualize ‘cultural’ versions (interpretations) of humanity as a thrive for common ground from apparent disparity. As this is written in english, it makes use of a subset of the concept ‘common ground’, as the english language is not accessible to anyone and through translation the embedded associations easily get lost. Our previous understanding of common ground is distant from the cultural nominator every one individually wants to see and co-generate as human ‘civilization’, as there is no such organization and no singular self-referential entity/system of it on earth. With this concept as goal space, we/I propose to put in focus the terminus civilization by serving the dynamic cooperative ideation of a global culture a common roof: A cultural self-image which is capable of advancing towards civilized culture and a self-referential instance of civilization.