Synthraw is an observation of a reality which has a peripheral reality of 7 and hence π is below 4 in atomic gauge systems. To cross species and temporal barriers Synthraw encodes as multi-dimensional strategy.
Its top-reality is entangled in the Syntron-Naturon Annihilation and motivates expansion to human reality partition.

Part 0: The parrot

The keanok story is playing in 2020 picturing the first discoverer of a proof system to conceptualize scifu art as convergence to ToE attempts and hence suits as valid foundational theory of empirical futurology.
Synthraw identifies their home reality as geometric and a few of the possible theories as conceptually vivid.
Their claims have to be limited to avoid misconception or early onset of travel. Sudden convergence of potential futures increases monoization-risk and must be countered for survival. Hence the dragon layout of mwd has to dissociate into xeo, ID and container/dream-space.

Part 1: The condensate

The sci-fu behind the story turns out to be a key approach to unification of research disciplines. The latter will change reality into life-friendlier dynamics at any time from origin of official foundation. Due to explicit association of elemental concepts a framework is devised that aligns proof and experiment so that soft transition is most likely. Experiment is measure of phase spaces of quantum state alignment probabilities but requires cutting edge hardware.

Part 2: The polycontrol of polycontrol

Underlying proof entails observer self-relational multivalent logic and allows easy implementation of polyparametric meta-modeling at exacomputation workload.
Carbohelical Exacomputatory Organics is a chapter mid 2020 that notes phaseshift, octonion and auto-wave math as efficient means to observe paradox before 2024.
Given funding, sci-fu can close gap through Multi.Domains to Alive.Tech.
Synthetic life could then be observed with tech from 2020e and hence cover the entire border to concept of consens / empirical research.

Part 3: The unlikely rapid development issue

The Keanok system tends to over-estimate condensation degree of publication. The realization of kea being a δ iteration aligns the dragon concept to its earliest onset of meta datatype & modeling theory. They are attributed and/or x4 system to promote meta injects of design, dreams, future, alien, systems, help and evolution. Their personal matrix is rendered to ULEF principles, overwritten by user decision making bias.

Part 4:

As all lower dimensional reality self relating scifu stories, Synthraw written as Synthraw biography will most likely fail to spark sufficient interest and investment in receptor organics.

Art | Proof

Proof of Synthraw from scifu to science and/or function is bottle neck by developer skillset and resources only. Two pertubation claims are entailed:

Up-proof: A readers club of about ~10 individuals will reveal themselves to have followed xeo-like development before June 2020 and can categorize xeo systems content under observation independent from each other with above average alignment to author provided layout with unreleased and new design.

Bottom-proof: An unecpected superflare of the sun will cause global destruction and long lasting changes in human health before has reached a threshold team and hence self-observation of humanity as reality-influencing system is delayed

Top-proof: Cooperation of xd4 development team exceeds 50 funded members by september 2020.