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This part of is not officially a part of the current german project.
[This notion is placed here for legal accuracy]
The content of resp. is a preview of the compound-project which is generated by referencing the world reboot project at and thinkularity content for time-optimization of xd4 undergoing your observation and potentially feedback. The content of this domain is not yet translated and this is the only international access.

Audio/text: Discord for July 2020:

Introduction (text)

Our plan carries the name 'xd4' and it consits of a meta-model theory, four artificial languages, a multi-domain strategy framework and models (and systems) to make these strategies accessible for everyone through gamification and abstraction. The strategy xd4 is quiete complex to explain in static words but we try to break it down continually on this page and formulate them in proposals that shall grasp all necessary content and lead to a call to action for anyone. is itself a subsystem of xd4 currently and in case it will gain enough community / team it can be established as a system of xd4 within 2020. The content about xd4 can be found at but it is not trivially accessible. This website ( represents another reduction / abstraction of thinkularity, which itself is a reduction (condensate) description of more then 400 individual models, systems, strategies and around 64 novel theories and research directives (resulting from almost two decades of research).

xd4 in (the first) four steps: 1. Make a science about 'making everything better as fast and efficient as possible'. 2. Simultaneously initiate the formation of a (meta-)community about this approach 1. with the motivation/motive to observe and quality- and version-control the concepts of 'better', 'everything', 'efficiency' and so on of the scientific attempt 1. Through discussion and publication this will explore the scope of 'making' as well as 'possible' as applied parts of this science will release new types of data (which is identical to an approach to collective intelligence). 3. Repeat this process with gamification and other root logics, as well as design and layout variants that increase accessibility and communicatability of the project. The resulting systems span a system we call x4 and by abstraction and error compensation we gain xd4 which is the multiplex of the mentioned three particle stratgies 1, 2 and 3.

xd4 consists by august 2020 of the domains including their landing pages: and at least two more sets of domains which will either be gamification systems, gamified versions or accelerator systems. In case the current strategy-iteration of xd4 (256-dimensions if fully decompiled) is not changed, the gamified xd4 version will be at and a hypergamified xd4-counter at - the former two domains will be mostly managed and decided by scientific community (and/or you) while the latter two domains will mostly be designed and architecturized by spacetimebird and any support to them (you can measure their last calculated status/performance at while no official promotion was yet carried out).

NOTE: It is unlikely that we can protect our entire system for a full public release/review before october 2020 and we humbly ask for careful handing of this domain and its operationality and operator until then. I work on publishing a paper about this content on researchgate as fast as I can.
REQUEST: We need admins, webdesigner, programmer, observer, critics and fans, until august 28th the overall number should be above 40.

Please be aware that proposals below which are below vers. 1.0 are improvised, drafts or contain errors and are PRERELEASE. We're working on the next version right now and if you see more operators then spacetimebird working on but we have no version 1.0 released until 24th of July you should contact us.

Structure of proposal (above v.0.7):


Step wise abstract

Full text version (inconsistent below v.1.0)

All proposals with a version number below 1.0 are not official nor correct! Please process with caution. They are last updated at 16th. July (timestamps below version number)

Proposal vers. 0.7:

[last update 14th]

This is a very simple version of the xd4 multi-domain strategy if approached from the project. We structure the approach to boot science into four steps, while Phases one to three will undergo at least two iterations before Phase four is entered. If can be achieved, xd4 will have two running systems with stb as placeholder for distributed global complexity management system (, also not available in english currently)


  • Phase 1: Preparation
  • Phase 2: Development
  • Phase 3: Architecturization
  • Phase 4: Boot.Science

Phase 1: Assemble a team and provide a way to represent our world in its current state (refer to earth nullschool) with barrier freedom. Provide ideas how we can collectively design and identify the global common goal state — the world we want to approach together as a human team. We propose some self-explaining domains (not online before version 1 of this proposal). Initiate an to coordinate and initiate the in 2020. The hackalympic will be a permanent event that coordinates and associates hackathons globally and will make them transparent and public for anyone without skillset and ability to research a lot. This would greatly improve accessibility of hackathons. We will provide a how the hackalympics could take place. With a clear goal space and a strategy in place we can shift to phase 2.

Phase 2: With a running organizatory background and taskforce assembly coordination we can promote which will provide a compatible set of applications and open access research which have the highest priority (refer to and for sources). To anticipate any errors we were not able to anticipate, we will consciously attempt an incorrect boot of science, which will be the release of a global operating system for humans to access and manipulate information free, logical and creative. This first release will set the counter for phase 3 which will distribute the prototype world we were able to build until september 2020.

Phase 3 first iteration: In order to in 2020, we must establish an open source company (for covering costst of computation, life-protection and work) which will is supposed to be THE open source economic interface for any humane digital activities. [This hence requires a large acceptance of the repsective economization model] This will pose a challenge because any project of this dimension in its description and any ability to support its funding will pose the risk to be misunderstood as scam or esoterics etc. We should base the design for this company to ICANN and have a steady connection to save the children³, the Global priorities Research institute³ and ResearchGate³. As far as we can get them interested to their systems can be encorporated in the overarching software IDE which was central goal of Phase 2. If the resulting software architecture is not sufficient to integrate their systems, at theast three iterations of phases 1 to 3 must be carried out. If none of the mentioned entities/organizations/systems can be motivated for this project, and no equal candidates are identified (the mentioned entities is just an arbitrary excerpt), we will debloy their functionalities within the project (which would spark at least one more iteration of phases 1 to 3. We outlined these systems (or work on their outline) at and any (and more) are ready for usage.
³and/or any similar system/concept/project

Phase 3: is intended to run until we succeeded to build a capacity for which is managed and controlled by a community. This community will govern all economic interactions and provide continuous team / taskforce assembly for problems and projects. Any severe problem in strategy or design will amplify the potential for a next iteration of phases 1 to 3. Hence, phase 4 is the loop break which will only be reached if we developed a first EXA*. in its minimal definition is a project which will make science and education accessible and free and awesome for anyone and which integrates means to continually advance accessibility of itself globally. This implies continually increasing the responsibility of this advancement in terms of sustenance, sustainability, cutting-edge research and undersanding.

Phase 4: Whether phase 4 is reached will be defined by advanced empirical measure across virtual realm of humanity. IFF the model we boot with is sufficiently developed, we can identify this undertaking as the first pragmatic and logically sound attempt to literally save the world.

*EXA – in this context, this refers to any complex functional architecture that can manage and provide IDE for any actions carried out during the (future) project 2020 — i.e. both digital and physical measures to ensure and improve living conditions, education and [community of diversity] equality. All of these measures must be transparent and traced via a trace system of EXA. [in other contexts EXA refers to spacetimebirds version of it]