Alignment-Model Progenitor

For living systems: mwd is amp for humanity as alignment theory (>kea), meta model language (>q) and placement theory (xd4) are developed and partially deployed to optimize backup/frontup synchronization.

For nonliving systems: quoeto is maximum boundary within 2020 in terms of logic which can be defined sound.

Amplification models overarch following events/systems/concepts:

Hyperconvergence (aware and robust strategies to coordinate, provoke and test convergence in order to synchronize research activity)

Draft unpublished, not scheduled in july.

Hyperconvergence Multi-Domain Management Draft in refinement


Hypercognition (collective intelligence model from thinkularity with language architecture draft (CliYuGa iterations) and neurodynamics framework with gauge on anthropocomputation.

Draft in render [release early August]

Xenologics Root for irregular and quasi-formal systems theory. Leveraging meta-material design experience in complex compound systems (xcells) of compatible xenobot generations (xorgans) to build multiplex fractors (xeo’s).

Draft in refinement: [’dark_life_theory’]

Compound hyperlanguage (CliYuGa concept with CliYuGe builds and CliYuGo programming system (organic code language #1) towards CliYuGa re-association top-system

Prototyped strategy-systems

Overarching metamodel structure of qip:

Action trigger for ZERO optimization via archdev cooperations for EXA2:

(between xd4 and qip8 – complexity management)

Rapid responsive metamodel with QLP:

Towards EXA1 build

Neurodynamics foundation

We omit language as here is only display of highest compression of meta-model systems