4-d Strategy for peace

The xd4 scheme

Undergoing writing and production, see the sources below for background and the intro below for an introduction about xd4

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Welcome to the development of xd4.
xd4 is a multi-domain strategy based on meta-modelling and organic logic.
It is not necessary for everyone to understand and read the science behind it.
Because xd4 will come in multiple versions and it will allow everyone to build their part of the world in the way they want it.

xd4 is the gauge for digitization and will make sure that all these upcomming worlds will stay in friendship or tolerance of each other. We want to build the common ground (a gauge) to make sure that Life will become and will remain our highest conceptual and cultural value, independent of the speed and intensity of digital and real systems.

We are close to a release of the xd4-model and what you see here right now is a recipe and it undergoes change continually.

The ingredients for xd4 are [L] links to external projects and sources as well as organizations which need to be in the boat. It will require ressources, algorithms, standards, capacities and computing centers [R]. It wil require research and dreaming, communicating and mediation [M].
The ingredient which is contributed by xd4 is a way to connect and associate everything. xd4 is broken, and it asks for your help to be healed. Healing of xd4 is understanding and building a new/corrected xd4. We refer to this as qip8 and by our definition, every advance/feedback and build upon xd4 contributes to qip8. We do not know your part, ideas and intentions but we try to make xd4 so that you can participate by your very own terms.

We base our views and research on LMR – the minimum life-enabling logic (soon explained at lmr.world). With the words Life, Meta and Resource we can describe almost everything in reality.

Except everyhing which is not a thing nor a concept.
Every entity which is alive, such as You is not yer a part of LMR and we work on xd4 for it to become a useful transmitter between dreams and reality, between LMR and you.

With just three ingredients we’re almost ready to reach the future, as we assemble and deploy life-enabling resources through universally accessible interaction.
For the one and most essential part of the future we want to do our best, to enable you to change the world by being who you are and want to be.
We want to form a hub of solutions for you to access for all problem spaces of culture (you).
We want to find a solution to every problem (and hence, at least a good description of every problem) and connect all of them in a dynamic open space. We want this problem space (xd4) to provoke and trigger a solution space (qip8).

We must find new ways to represent unsolved problems in current culture, communicate and cooperatively solve them.
We solve for x. As we start at four x, and one dream d, xd is for everyone united. [Earth Union after 28.08 and standard eu before]

Welcome to xd4.eu !

Read more about a core strategy of xd4: The Zoo.
xd4 has several core strategies which we will describe at the page Design.
Some strategies are gamification layouts and our Gamification theory we will describe at Dreams.

The xd4-zoo is a model to make accessible and playful complex problems in order to accelerate their solution and make the search and attempt for solutions open to anyone.

For more L, M and R stay patient and curious.
And for reality, stay you.
And for the future, let’s find a way how you can help to save the world by being you.

Future must be for ‘every you’ and ‘every me’, for every ‘me and you’. Whether you are reader or I was a writer.
The future is for two, for every pair of question and answer, tear and smile.
At xd4 the future is now and independent of your talents and limits, identity and name and language ‘x’.
It will be able to cover your dream and diversity ‘d’ as well.
xd4 is for every variation of life a dream about it, if you allow and want. We’re a meta-community and our operations try to be as open and transparent as possible. We want to use the approach of Nico Semsrott for financial action and have other main ‘idols’ we want to lean towards. To ease the introduction of something new, we make our approach easy (available in august): Let’s say xd4 is an alien strategy from the future to save the world starting in 2020. Can you prove its not working, can you help the aliens to become aliens or would you allow them to be the first animal in our next generation zoo?

We want a dream 4 every you, an xd4 you.
Thats why the answer to everything is 4 2, and why the name of a worldsaving plan is xd4.eu, as we unterstand .EU not only as that what it is, but what it can become: The Earth Union.

You can check our overview and a litte more decsription about xd4 early august here: https://xd4.eu/implex